GAME Mechanics

Player actions

  • Tree Felling & Vein Mining - Hold Shift while actioning.

  • Right-clicking crops with a hoe auto replants seeds.

  • Chest Protection - This is automated on placing, however, you can find the commands on the Commands page.

  • Pet Protection - /PetM for commands.

  • Wither Summoning only in the Nether.

  • Invisible Item Frames.

Passive alterations

  • Dynamic Render Distance.

  • Day Time cycle increased from 10 to 20 minutes.

  • Night Time cycle cannot be skipped via beds (can still set spawn point).

  • Backpack protects items on death.

  • Fire spread is disabled.

  • Additional Advancements - Can be viewed in Advancement Tab.

  • Keep Inventory on PVP death.

Mob changes

  • Creepers, Enderman, Ghasts, cannot pick up/damage blocks.

  • Phantoms are disabled - Bats drop Membranes.

  • Dragon drops Elytra.

  • Shulkers drop double the shells.

  • Villager zombification is 100% on normal difficulty.

  • Mobs have a chance to drop their head.