We run this server out of our own enjoyment, though if you wish to support the server, you can for less than the cost of a decent cup of coffee from the link just below:


  • Players names are coloured blue.

  • Access to the server even when it's full!

  • Access to the #patrons chat in discord.

  • Additional shop skins by shift right clicking shop egg.

  • Open shulker boxes within your inventory by just right-clicking.

  • /Hat - Held block in hand becomes a hat!

  • Wider range of pets with /pet and the ability to mount!

  • /Rename - Easily rename items.

  • /SetLore - Add lore to items. Type \n to set a new line of text.

Our Patrons

Please note!

To get your discord and in-game perks, make sure your discord username is the same as your in-game name and then link your discord account to Patreon here:

You can right-click your username within our discord, to set your Minecraft In-game name.