/Spawn - Get back to Spawn.

/Home - Teleport to your bed location.

/Rules  - Shows the server rules.

/Help - Views a list of available commands.

/Msg - Sends a private message to the specified player.

/Discord - Shows the link to our Discord server.

/Map - Shows the link to our Live Map.

/Afk - Marks you as away-from-keyboard.

/Ignore - Ignore or un-ignore other players.

/Home, /Sethome, /Delhome - Set, delete and teleport home
You can name your separate homes by adding it at the end of the /sethome command. /sethome YourNameHere.


/cpublic - Creates a public block.

/cprivate - Creates a private block only you can access.

/cunlock - Removes your private protection.

/cpassword - Creates a password protected block.

/cinfo - Gives information on protected block.

/cmodify - Modifies a block protection.


/tpa name - Request player to teleport to.

/tpahere name - Request player to teleport to your location.

/tpaccept - Accept teleport request.

/back - Teleport back to your previous location.

/tpadeny - Deny teleport Request.

/tpacancel - Cancel teleport request.

/tptoggle - Toggle whether you recieve teleport requests.


/Kit Bed - Provides the player a bed (10min cooldown).

/Near - See who is nearby.

/RealName - See full game name of a player.

/Seen - Check when a player was last online.

/PetM - Pet protection.

/helpop - Private message staff that are online in-game.